A True Piece of “Work”

Roger's Writing Desk Photo Credit: Ansley Nguyen

The office is a crucial part of the home for the working professional. It doesn’t matter the career path, it just matters to get the work done. But just because something is functional doesn’t mean it can’t be elegant. Making a beautiful workplace can not only inspire you, but can also soothe you. You see, beautiful things have an interesting duality to them. They can arouse you, soothe you, move you, calm you.

Lexington’s Mirage collection¬†features the Roger’s Writing Desk that brings all of these elements to the table (pun intended). Modern design and traditional grandeur come together in an exquisite way to create this piece of art. Sleek and simple lines make it a piece fit to work on. The dark stain of the wood brings a streamlined yet natural effect that contrasts beautifully with the modern composition of the legs.

Going back to nature seems to calm the mind. It forms habit that becomes part of our regular routine. And what better way to go through that normal day-to-day grind on a desk that is all but normal?


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