Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

Photo Credit: Ansley Nguyen

You know those times when people ask you to pick three of your favorite things out of a list, but you can’t decide because you love them all? Imagine picking between fifteen and twenty-five out of thousands of items. Now talk about being indecisive!

Does indecisiveness occur? Yes. But, oh, how fun it was to walk around ogling at all the beautiful things Market had to offer! Being a Style Spotter at Market was such a great experience, and it allowed not only the opportunity to bring the spotlight to some of my favorite things, but also to foster wonderful relationships. Meeting and spending time with fellow Spotters Tobi Fairley, Lisa Ferguson, Jennifer Brouwer, Meg BiramJulieann Covino, Wanda Horton, and Heather Clawson allowed me to take a look into the unique and wonderful styles that others might have, and gave us opportunities to discuss our favorites.

There was no restriction on what we as Spotters could choose– it could be lamps, linens, pillows, rugs, a clock, a painting– anything! Anything at all that we found interesting that suited our style. Several items I chose had more than just an intriguing look about them. They had amazing stories behind them (something I talked about in a previous blog) that made them even more beautiful.

So how did I choose? After finding an item, I would ask about it– not just who made it and what it is called, but what was the inspiration? How did the idea for this come about? So what are a few of my favorite things (hint: the list does not include dogs barking or bees stinging, but it does include the Bees Knees!)? They are all pinned on Pinterest, an online pinboard where you can share all of your favorite things as well! Go to High Point Market’s Spotter page to find out more and request your invite to join in! Once you log in, you can head to Pinterest.com/highpointmarket and follow us! Be sure to re-pin your favorites and let us know what you think!


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