The Down Low on the Update

Thomasville featuring Eastern Accents bedding, Photo credit: Ansley Nguyen

Think traditional. No, no. Not that traditional. It isn’t old, it isn’t drab, it isn’t stuffy and boring. It is cultured, it has a story, it is exciting. Well, at least it is now. Thomasville furniture has brought a new light to the traditional style– the company has kept the wonderful quality it is known for while bringing that update that everyone desires.

The Thomasville showroom at Market this fall gave a wonderful peek into the updates they are bringing to traditional furniture. Clean lines, custom headboards, and new fabric options bring an exciting contemporary feel to the brand so synonymous with classic pieces. Pairing the beautiful bedding from Eastern Accents made the settings even more warm and inviting as we walked through.

Forget heavy, dark, and drab. The Thomasville collection this year took the classic structure and made it modern. They made it relevant. They brought true timelessness to the traditional line they created, and in doing so have solidified their place as a top design pick.


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