Heritage and Harmony

Drexel Heritage Showroom, Photo credit: Ansley Nguyen

I love pretty things. I mean come on, what designer doesn’t?  But oh, the pretty things I got to see at Market!  One of the last stops I made was at the Drexel Heritage showroom, and I was ecstatic to see everything they had this year. Well, they must have saved the best for last, because this showroom was absolutely stunning.

The photo I featured was one of the back of the showroom, where natural light

Drexel Heritage Bed and Mirror, Photo credit: Ansley Nguyen

shone through large windows, giving an elegant and romantic glow to the room. The furniture was sleek and lush and inviting. Every room had its own vibe, each one with it’s own personality but still with that swank that is very much Drexel Heritage. Walking from room to room was like a journey through wonderland. Everything you have seen before was transformed into something even more extravagant and sophisticated. A sofa in here was not just a sofa– it was almost alive with personality, each curve of the frame or texture of the cushion shouted out the vibe it was meant to carry.

Drexel Heritage Dining Room, Photo credit: Ansley Nguyen

Ok, so maybe all it did was sit there in the room, just as pretty as can be. But the pieces that were placed together worked in such harmony. Like an orchestra on performing night, every piece playing its part so wonderfully, not to stick out on its own, but to work together make a beautiful symphony of furniture. And I could listen… excuse me, look, all day long.


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