Set It Up!

It’s that time of year again! Time for family, friends and anyone out there who knows me, knows i love the food (cue Southern accent).  And what better way to celebrate the food than to have sit upon a beautiful setting? Here’s a few of my favorites that I found on Pinterest:

Looking for a warm and cozy setting this Thanksgiving? Look no further than to bring the outside in and bring the flavor of fall to your dining room.

Warm and Cozy!

For a fun, playful, kid-friendly setting, try this! The adorable little boats filled with goodies are sure to bring a smile to any child at your dinner. Customizing the sail adds an even more personal touch, and it gives a small hint back the the heritage of the season.


 If you’re planning on procrastinating and putting off you table settings to do holiday shopping, here’s a good one for you! It is modern, but gives a pop of color that keeps it festive.

Modern and Colorful

 Looking for a more crisp, clean winter wonderland set-up? Martha Stewart has some great inspirations to show on her site as well! Take a look at this clean and elegant setting that has a touch of romance:

Crepe-Paper Bells, Photo credit: Martha Stewart

Remember, the holidays are all about who (not what) you surround yourself with, so use these settings to bring everyone together. Customize them, tweak them, and make them fit your personality. And don’t be afraid to let the kiddos help… just watch where that paint splatters!

Looking for something ultra lush and elegant this season? Check back on Tuesday afternoon for my video about different setups that will absolutely transform your dining table!


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