The First Ride of Winter

Photo Credit: Tack and Pet Supplies

It’s the first ride of the cold season. His coat is getting longer and fuzzier, his nostrils flare with every breath he sucks in. The first steps onto the pavement leading to the trails breaks the silence of the afternoon, and we make our way to our hidden valley where we ride calm and free.

It’s been a month since my last ride with him. I can feel his excitement surging with every step as his body moves beneath the saddle. Something about the cold air always gets to the horses, and it sends a giddy feeling from my toes up through my spine. His excitement makes me even more happy about riding this winter, even though I usually hate the cold. But on the back of a horse, even the cold weather and chilly breeze becomes liberating. As we walk the trail to our favorite spot, I begin to relax into the seat of the saddle. I slouch and let his walk move me. I breathe in the frigid air and relish this moment even though it happens every year. That first ride of the winter that makes me anxious for my break from school, so I can run to the freedom of my saddle and escape to the trails with my horse.

Julie Browning Bova for Stanford Furniture, Photo Credit: Ansley Nguyen

Riding is my passion. It is what drives me and what soothes me. And up until now, I have been rather disappointed with the selection of interiors that fit my style. This past Market was my first, and I was elated when Elaine told me about the collection Julie Browning Bova did with Stanford Furniture. The collection has equestrian elements throughout and has the small details every rider like myself would adore. It is elegant and livable; it is warm and lush. The collection models the lifestyle of riders, and mixes in the textures of the sport with the elegance of luxury living.



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