Cabin Fever

Drexel Heritage, Photo credit: Ansley Nguyen

With cold weather moving in, it often seems like a better idea to curl up by a fire with a good book and a cup of warm coffee. To make an escape and seclude yourself from the chill and get cozy and comfortable. To make a getaway to a cabin high in the mountains where snow and trees abound and city lights disappear.

Drexel Heritage, Photo credit: Ansley Nguyen



No, I’m not talking about roughing it out in the wilderness– I want a lush, luxe, rustic cabin that doesn’t skimp on the details. Warm colors and textured fabrics with elegant escape appeal, like what we saw in Drexel Heritage’s  showroom at High Point Market. Drexel has this amazing capacity to turn what is so masculine into something every woman can love. The bedroom has a masculine build and strength about it, but the fabrics are so inviting and even feminine. The living room has a similar appeal, with warm, rich colors and a masculine coffee table, contrasted with a sleek, curved armchair in a soft, neutral gray.

Ok, so maybe I can’t just up and leave for a winter cabin retreat high in the mountains. But the inspiration that can be drawn from the idea is unending. Plus, there’s no Starbucks in the woods and they’ve got Peppermint Mochas back on the menu!


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