Oh, Christmas Tree…

Oh Christmas tree! Oh, Christmas tree! Being bland is history!

Lori's Broadway Tree, Photo credit: Ansley Nguyen

This season is all about celebration and decoration, but sometimes being traditional is just too blah. What better way to decorate your home than something with a splash of your personality and event-themed accents? Don’t know where to begin? Start with something your family does together, and hit the ground running! Here’s one of my favorites from my dear friend Lori!

I spy the "horse" from Monte Python! Photo credit: Ansley Nguyen

The idea for her Broadway themed tree came about after she and her family started going to musicals, most of which are presented by Dallas Summer Musicals. Each year they attend several shows, always saving the Playbill given when entering the theater and usually purchasing at least one souvenir. Lori cleverly turned the Playbills into ornaments by copying and shrinking the cover, then laminating them before adding them to the tree. She and her family have even turned souvenirs into tree decorations– Chitty Chitty Bang Bang flies low in the branches, joined by a few characters from How the Grinch Stole Christmas! How fun is this tree?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Photo credit: Ansley Nguyen

Ok, so now you have the dilemma of finding your own niche to make your tree truly personal. Keep it simple and important! Take a cue from Lori’s husband Nam, who has his own Star Trek tree in his office (complete with speaking replica of Captain Kirk). Or from the zeal of rivalry between colleges and their “House Divided” tree– half University of Virginia, half Virginia Tech (I smell family a family feud this season)!

But most of all, it’s about the heart you put into it. It’s not the gifts beneath the tree, or even the tree itself, but the people who gather around it! So gather round, keep warm, and have a very merry Christmas!


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