Just Groovy!

The Happy Hipster, Jonathan Adler,  himself has come to Dallas.  The Brandmaster has his new digs perfectly located at 4524 McKinney Avenue.  As if this street wasn’t already chic enough with the likes of Nest and Forty Five Ten, JA rounds out this “must frequent” street perfectly. If color is not your thing, take a deep breath and walk in anyway.  JA has always brought in color in such a way that it is never garish or harsh.  The furniture collection is highly patterned or structured yet always classic.  It is a great lesson for anyone scared of color and a great example of how to use it loudly yet sparingly.

I fell in love with JA while visiting  The Parker Hotel-Palm Springs .  It is collected, chic, quirky and happy.  I mean, come on, a guy who uses ceramic bananas as an accessory is my kind of creative spirit.  By the way, the banana is now offered in brass.  Yes, a brass banana.   I die.  

There is something here for everyone.  His dinnerware is also full of pattern and color and a great way to bring in a little touch of Adler.  I recently purchased this collection for a client, pared them with a gold charger and completed the place setting with a black and white chevron placemat.   Kind of a Mary Mac and JA one, two punch

I was so hyped up while visiting the JA boutique that I decided to purchase one of his signature vessels.  Trust me, I needed one!

Happy Shopping! E


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