Burger King The New Trend In Home Furnishings?

Yep.   “Have it Your Way” is the trend this Market.  All style and fat free.  What is it with me? It always comes back to food!

This Market, in addition to scouting the newest items for Elaine Williamson Design  clients, I have the honor of being  the Sponsored Blogger for  CR Laine Furniture.  This has already proven to be such a great collaboration (more about that later).  

I toured their new showroom located at 310 North Hamilton yesterday afternoon.  I think you will agree that this showroom has something for your client and/or customer’s style.

I will take you on a photo tour to see what I mean:

First, up-to-date, bold and graphic…

Bold and Graphic FABRIC Covered Walls


Hello gorgeous!


Bold Color is Back!

   Saturated color is back!  A designer can help balance and temper your  bold wall color with the appropriate patterns and furniture finishes so that your room never feels heavy or too kitschy.

Red Tempered with Brights and More Graphics

This room could have come straight out of my childhood.  It is sooo my mother’s taste.   Bold yet soft. Bright yet neutral.  Graphic yet traditional. Mimi loves color. A lot.

On the other hand, my dad would think it was too soft and airy for his taste. Not to fear daddy!  CR Laine has something for you too……

Warm and Manly!

Or perhaps, somewhere in between…..

Refined Rustic

Oh wait…What’s that?  You have a  home near the Coast but still want an elegant yet whimsical?

 Noooo problem….


One of my personal favorites is the new take on the traditional equestrian feel.  I am all about the deconstructed chairs (the bones of the chair shows on the outside), paired with a traditional sofa, light rustic lamps and a fresh approach to the equestrian art.  So fresh, but had depth and dimension.

Feminine Equestrian

Let me just say that there is much, much more to come in the following days from this showroom and with their fun-loving, up for anything, Director of Marketing, Holly Blalock.

Oh, you want a hint…..Shoes….custom shoes…..

Remember, Life Happens…….Under the Chandelier


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